Feeling like a helpless woman?

Me too but not very often. I am a woman with a strong Martha complex. Like Martha in the Bible I see needs and I do the expected.

The more issues I deal with using my own wit builds up my confidence that "I" can do all things... and thats where it ends. Then comes a tragedy. A heartbreak. An injustice. So I do what all Marthas do: pray on the wing and fret till I'm dizzy.

Are you like me? I figure out what needs done and proceed. When my plan doesn't fix the situation THEN I ask God for help.

When I was younger I think God let me proceed on my own strength and let me just wear myself out. As an "older" gal it doesn't seem to take as much for me to "wear out". Maybe that is a good thing.

I have had a heavy heart for sometime about a situation and I realize I have to stop replaying the information. Its almost like studying for an exam. The more I think back about events with the idea that I will just come up with a brilliant solution -the more discouraged I feel.

I was praying yesterday and I told God I felt so helpless. I couldn't in the natural come up with any ideas to help or bring relief to those involved. I was crying out as though being helpless meant failing.

I felt like God spoke to me and said that this was the point when He could do His best work. When I gave up trying to fix things in my flesh and surrendered it all to Him I felt a breath of fresh air...finally.

I do not know how or when God will do his miracle for my loved ones but I tasted a miracle when I released the problem to God and sat at the loving father's feet like Mary.

I am commited to stay that way. I am focused on God as my help and Him alone. I am a helpless woman who has positioned herself at the foot of the cross knowing if I choose to rest in Christ He is then able to show Himself powerful in my behalf.

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