A Grace Full Life

I have NEVER been told I was graceful. I wish I was. My sisters are. I have friends who are but I'm not. Right now I have what I am sure is a broken toe. My 3rd one to break! I constantly have bruises where I run into things. I have slipped, tripped, and fallen and couldn't get up on more than one occasion. I'm not "given" to strong drink, take meds that matter, or have eyesight problems - I am just clumsy.

I may not be graceful but I am grace FULL.

Becoming grace full was as simple as accepting Jesus Christ as my savior. The day I gave up living my life on my own terms was the best day of my life. Some folks may say Christ is a crutch. He isn’t a crutch. He is my wheelchair, my life support, and most of all the best friend a girl could have. He took my sins and forgave them and said start over and I’ll help.

Here is where it gets sticky….
I wonder if people, who like me, who have lived an out of control or at best painful life are often left craving for a set of rules or formula to bring a sense of order and purpose back into their lives. Exhausted from the fruit of living life their own way they try church. Church is the perfect place to start to learn about God's plan. Hopefully they can learn that God’s plan isn’t about rules but about a relationship that is established through His grace.

What is grace?


a: unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification

b: a virtue coming from God

God’s grace is so intense that many of us struggle to wrap our minds around it. What? I am forgiven and get a second chance in life? It is such an out-of-this-world concept that the world keeps taking it (grace) and dressing it up in works because “works” are tangible.

a. activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something:

b: sustained physical or mental effort to overcome obstacles and achieve an objective or result.

Works make us feel a sense of value to God. This tragic way of thinking will leave you lost and frantic when circumstances arise that could keep you from performing. Our life’s value isn’t in a set of works or accomplishments but comes from a relationship with Christ. Accomplishments can naturally flow out of living a life that reflects the grace of God. Believe me there is a big difference from a God inspired effort vs. a man inspired effort. A big difference.

To enjoy an exciting grace-filled life with all its mountain tops and valleys you must become the eternal student. Commit to learn His ways and not fall into the "works" trap. Remember his gift to you was free. You cannot work to earn it. He isn't impressed by how tired you are from trying to please Him. You please Him because you are His.

Haven’t felt connected with Christ in a while? Been so busy you just plain miss Him? His grace is still in place. Read the book of John to help you fall in love with Christ all over again. When he talks about who he came to serve include yourself. He loves you and understands.

Enjoy living your grace full life.

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