For the most part of 20 years I was blessed to have led the children's ministry at my church. It was a precious time in my life. My whole family participated in one way or another - puppets, handing out treats, teaching, camp outs, singing, games, and finding a sparkle for every Bible Truth we taught. Sparkles were the small delights attached to each lesson. A sparkle could be anything -a pirate eye patch or funny song or treat to go with the lesson to help the children remember and embrace the Bible verse.

Now days I devote my time now to ministering to foster children. It's not an every Sunday effort but more like a quarterly extravaganza! It's such a different type of work but one thing I am still enjoying is watching their faces as they realize how special they are as we hand out treats, play games, or head to the zoo. Turns out they have become my sparkle. Their faces are etched in my heart and help me to remember why I do this work.

Thank you Lord that you have seen fit to let me serve you in this way. Thanks for the many sparkles you've used to remind me of your great power to love.

Art by Susan Johnson
Thank you Susan for the painting of Children's Church. Hopefully the children we served back in those days are still serving Christ.

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