Take a Walk

If I could say one thing
That could change a life for good
I'd start by saying take a walk
around your neighborhood

Leave your dishes in the sink
The laundry stacked up high
Forget to take your cell phone
And get yourself outside

When you've stepped away don't look back
At least not right away
You need to clear your thoughts
And try NOT to plan your day

Disconnect from all your worries
Release your fears to Him
Look around at God's creation
After all you're one of them

Can you count the hairs upon your head?
Can you make the mountains move?
Then why struggle plot and second quess
your every single move.

You think if you could pray more
Start a Bible club or two
Then maybe God could use you
Make someone happy...make life good

You think you’re not a missionary?
You have too much to do?
Well your walk is always talking
Does it speak of Christ or you?

As you stroll along through life
Your neighbors watch your walk
It's not how hard you served the Lord
It’s not how grand your talk

If no one sees your struggles
If you're not real in life
They'll never see how to survive
With Jesus by their side.

So hush dirty dishes
Dusty floors we'll sweep you later
We've got to take a little walk
To go and meet our neighbors

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