We have met the enemy and he is....me!?!?

The famous quote from Pogo the cartoon opossum goes, " We have seen the enemy and he is us." We really are our worst enemies. For me I struggle with distractions. Many times the distraction is nothing more than a short cut to get what I think I need or want instead of waiting on the Lord to make a way.

I knew I needed to retire from real estate. I was working 60+ hours a week to maintain more clients than most offices had collectively. I felt I needed to concentrate on my health - high blood pressure, weight etc... and on the time I had left with a grandchild we were raising who was about to graduate. I dreamed of ministering to women and of owning an online business. I also wanted to devote more time to Blue Sunday a child abuse prevention effort(www.bluesunday.org)

I was praying God would show me which way to leave real estate and which way to jump start the adventures I dreamed of. One Saturday morning I got a phone call from a friend inviting me to join him in a network marketing business. It would provide me the tools for an online business but more importantly I felt it would take the sting out of quitting work all together.

I signed up to start my business and attended training and weekly pep rallies. The only problem with the program was I didn't want to sell what they were selling. I also didn't want my success to depend on others signing up to sell as well. I finally figured it out and after 2 months I quit. I am so thankful I didn't loose my friend over it.

I realize that by quickly signing up for the other business I was trying to build a net for myself to soften the fall or should I say blow of making such a major change in our lives. I was afraid to quit real estate even though I knew I had to. I allowed myself to be distracted by what looked like a quick fix instead trusting God to make a way.

Once I gave up trying to figure out what to do and surrendered to "whatever" God wanted me to be involved in I immediately received invitations to speak at different functions. I didn't pursue anyone, except the Lord. The doors just came open. Next - just for fun - I decided to build a blog about women who camp and now it appears I may eventually offer some custom products - yep - online! It all just fell in place. It felt natural and I still have the time I need to take care of my other responsibilities.

Distractions still come on nearly a daily basis. There are so many worthy causes that need volunteers and many wonderful business opportunities. I am learning how to live out the scripture that says, "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not." 1 Corinthians 10:23 In other words -just because you can do something (or think you can) doesn't mean you should!

Today's prayer:
Lord please protect me from my enemies -it appears I might be one of them. Give me wisdom to know when I am building my own safety net instead of trusting you.

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  1. Hi Janet :D Just found your Inspirational Blog...thank-you so much for sharing your journey in this life...I have so much weight on my shoulders these daze and find comfort in your words....knowing that God is in charge, I can keep my faith that better daze are planned for all of us...:D
    Smiles, Christine