Meet Melynn Flores our Godchild

I was so surprised when Lori and Richie Flores asked John and I to be their baby daughter's Godparents.

Usually you choose people your own age or younger to be Godparents. I mentioned this to the Flores who said they didn't care how old we were.

It made me cry. John and I were both pretty blown away by it.

I have always teased Lori and Richie about how they need to go to our church but after attending the dedication service at their church I understand why they go to VICC in San Benito, Texas.

We stood the entire time. There was no sermon only praise and worship with short "Words of encouragement" sprinkled along the way.

It was precious and we loved every minute of it.

Melynn is in such a good place.

We're going to love watching her grow and will pray for her and her family.

What a gift she is to us.

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