Glimpse of God's Garden

I was delighted when I came across scripture that gave me what I like to call "a glimpse into God's garden".

I found such a scripture while reading Psalm 84 verse 2, “I long, yes, faint with longing to be able to enter your courtyard and come near to the Living God."
Just think to sit at His feet and bath in the warmth of His presence.
What would we see there? What sights, sounds, smells and feelings would we experience?
Just like we surround ourselves with things that bring us comfort and pleasure I wondered if God might do the same thing.

Then I read the next scripture, verse 3: Even the sparrow and swallows are welcome to come and nest among your altars and there have their young..."

You mean in the presence of the God of the universe we might actually share the space with birds?
Why sparrows? Why swallows?
Wouldn't peacocks, toucans, or birds of paradise be more fitting?

Sparrows are such plain common birds. According to, sparrows are everywhere. They believe every person has seen a sparrow at some point in their life. I know I've had way too many in my garden eating up my birdseed intended for the cardinals and greenjays. Sparrows are a nuisance and their chatter drowns out the other birds!
Swallows are such pest. I can't tell you how many times I've found a big mess on a front porch step only to look up and find an egg filled swallow nest teetering on the overhead porch light. What do you to do? You can't take it down until the fledglings leave. What a mess!

Wow - just think, knowing all that, God still welcomes them into His courtyard.

I got to thinking - much of my life has been a mess yet He welcomes me as well.

He makes being in His presence like being home.

It fills my heart with peace.

I wonder, in my own garden - my own life - do I merely tolerate those I consider messy or pesky or do I welcome them like God does me?
Do I love unconditionally? I hope I follow His example.

After all no one is worthy of being in His presence but all are welcome.

I'll never look at a sparrow or swallow the same.

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