No Seconds Thank You!

My husband John and I found 2 nest on the ground by the clubhouse swimming pool. I wanted to bring one home to put in my garden. I was surprised he didn't grumble once as I put the messy nest in the car to drive it home. He wouldn't admit it but I could tell he thought it was a cool bird's nest -just as I did.

I placed the nest in between my Airplane plant with all its babies and my big basket of trailing ivy that covered the patio table. It couldn't have looked prettier... or so I thought until I happened across some faux eggs at a gift store in Port Isabel. I bought 3 eggs and couldn't wait to get them home and "lay" them in the nest. Aww perfect.

After a few days of admiring the nest I noticed one morning the eggs were missing. I found two nearby but the third egg was no where to be found. I looked everywhere. I couldn't imagine who would have come during the night and stolen a fake egg!

My husband suggested it was the raccoon that has visited us before. We've never seen him but have seen his muddy tracks and heard the noice he's made looking for some trouble to get into. A friend said snakes will go after eggs. Of the two I sorta hope it was a snake and it choked on the plastic egg and not the raccoon! Imagine how dissappointed that critter must have felt --- such a tasteless meal!

The poor thing is either dead from eating the egg or smart enough to have not come back for seconds.

We feel bad either way and I"m sure the critter feels worse.

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  1. I vote for the raccoon. Look for one with a chipped tooth.