I Brake For Birds!

I was driving 2 of my grandchildren home last Saturday after having lunch and shopping. They are now 15 & 16 and eat and shop accordingly!

On the drive to their house I turned down a different road than we usually take and they were questioning me why. I know they thought I was lost even though I've driven them home safely hundreds of times.

I explained to them I enjoyed taking this other route because it passed by lots of big trees and a pasture with horses. They smiled but still rolled their eyes. They are pretty typical. Over acheivers, over busy, and always in a hurry.Just then two cardinals flew across the road right in front of us. I slowed down and pointed the birds out to them. They both looked where I was pointing but not in time to see the male and female cardinals.

I have never seen a cardinal within the city limits of Harlingen, Texas. I was impressed and so were the grandchildren, only they were impressed for a different reason.

They told me I was getting better. At least I didn't slam on the breaks this time and yell "Oh look a bird!" or "Oh look a flower!" They sure are quick to tease me about my love for both birds and flowers.

They have such short memories.

Natalie the oldest begged us to take her to the local wildlife refuge to go birding DURING SPRING BREAK!

Johnny, my grandson, has taken some amazing bird photos and may even enter them in a local nature contest.

They are more like us than they ever would want to admit. I reminded them that we are all so busy and how this world is full of stress and demands for our time so we better stay on the look out for the little pleasures along the way.

For me the little pleasures can be found on the side of the road, up in a tree, or a well planted yard. I wish I had time to stop and thank some of the owners of paticularly nice yards that bless me. Many of my favorite yards are no bigger than most people's drive ways but are full flowers, herbs and songbirds.

I'm glad that I've learned to appreciate the joys in the journey however simple they are. I hope I'm passing it on to my grandchildren.

I bet when I'm in a nursing home and they come take me out for Sunday afternoon rides they'll brake for birds too! If not, I can always whack'em with my cane!


  1. That cardinal is beautiful...looks like it's searching for a greyhound to peck on the head!

  2. I know a nursing home with a very nice garden if you are interested.

  3. What........no Harlingen Cardinals?

    There are several cardinals that like to visit my back yard, and they are a joy and pleasure to watch. I would break for them too!