You Gotta Look Up!

I walked right by this owl last week while birding at Anzaldua Dam in Mission. I am not the best spotter but I did notice him finally when I noticed someone taking a picture right above my head!

Aww the joy of group birding. It obviously takes a village to spot a bird!

Today while taking my morning walk I took my binoculars with me and didn't answer my phone - next time I will turn it off all together. I looked up while dodging cars and here is what I "spotted" by myself:

Green Parakeets (everyone calls these parrots because they are so big)
Northern Mockingbird
Eastern Phobe
Orange-crowned Kinglet
Hawk (about 14 inches tall, no I.D. yet)
Black Vulture
Black Bellied Whistling Ducks
House Wren
Olive Sparrow
Redwing Blackbirds

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