Vamonos Hermanas is finished!

I joined Sisters on the Fly which is a ladies camping group whose motto is "we're turning women into girls". Over 1400 members across the country from all walks of life. Great ladies. When you join you are given a SISTER number. Mine is Sister 477. They typically own vintage trailers that are decorated inside and out with a cowgirl theme. Some do shappy chic, hunting, or safari,etc. I decided since my trailer and I are PARKED so close to the border we needed to do a Tex Mex theme. What fun it has been getting the trailer ready for the annual camp out called GIDDY UP~
Oh and everyone gives their trailer a nickname. I chose Vamonos Hermanas - Let's Go Sisters!

Want to join too? Visit

Fee is only about $60 a year. Tons of fun and you can become a SISTER too. Then hit the road and go camping with me and Vamonos!

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