Summer Birding

Its a hot dry summer but I am spending it outside anyway!

Worked in the yard for 4 hours Sunday.

Slept like a baby last night and only a little sore this morning.

I am getting my yard ready for the fall migration.

I have a makeshift water station that drips from the trees into a pan below.

At the water station I've spotted sparrows, chachalacas, woodpeckers, grackles(pooh!), brown thrashers (a familyof 3), and a kiskadee.

Not a bad crowd so far.

I just saw ruby throated hummingbirds on Sunday. We have buff bellied hummingbirds all the time but the ruby throated just returned. The Laguna Vista Birders saw them a week earlier.

I keep the food out all summer for the backyard birds. I put out watermelon which is tons of fun to watch as birds the squirrels take turns.

John and I have been photographing Ani all summer long.

They are soooo cool. Even my 9 year old grandaughter walked up on some and photographed (she photographed the one above) and even videotaped them.

I bet I've seen Ani all my life and thought they were grackles. It pays to take a second look at ever grackle you see... it might be an Ani instead.

Look for that parrot style beak.

So far I've seen them 4 out of the last 5 birding trips to Ramsey Park in Harlingen.

I walk 40 minutes to an hour 5 days a week. I amuse myself by counting bird species as I walk. My highest count has been 21 in one 40 minute walk!!!

It takes the drudgery out of walking.

I am so grateful birding is a part of my life.

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